Hidden fields of UI_Object / cursor position

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Hidden fields of UI_Object / cursor position

Post by medsys » Mon Jul 25, 2005 1:27 am

Hello everyone,

is there a way to see all the fields of a ui_objects?

for example,
if you 'sys_show' the ui_single_choice_list,
you will get the !parent,!name,!class,!selection_change,!choose .

i know there are some other fields. (like width,height and more .)

my Q is what is the way to see all of them without 'guessing'.

[b] i need to find out if there is a field that can make the cursor appear at the right side of the ui_text_object (eg. alignment: right) , for hebrew writing (which is written from right to left)
Medusa ver: medusa2000i2


note - i tried using :
loop for c over ui_object_fields_of(a)|sys_show(c)|endloop

but still it gave me only the 5 fields i mentioned above.

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