Producing B-O-M's using Medusa

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Producing B-O-M's using Medusa

Post by bsculthorp » Wed Aug 11, 2004 3:25 am


This may be a little long, but please bare with me.

I am currently working on a project to generate Bills Of Materil (B-O-M's) data from a 2-D Drafting CAD System, I am looking into the feasibility of different systems.

We are using AutoCAD LT which we have trialed an have successfully generated B-O-M's by extracting attribute data to an ASCII file (txt) which we then manipulate in our MRP (Access db) to generate

(1) How can Medusa be used to generate B-O-M, does the software use an attribute driven extraction method?

We are keen to customise the user interface and provide the users with bespoke functions / commands
We are currently using AutoCAD LT which does not support a programming language. (however full versions of AutoCAD support both Visual Basic and AutoLisp)

(2) I have read that MEDUSA supports BASICSII, is this a VB type porgramming language? And is it possible to write sub-routines to extract data to Windows programme - prefferably Access without having to manaully transfer the data from different file types?(allowing for seamless transfer of data between CAD and Access)

If anyone can clarify any of these issues, I would be very grateful.


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