conversion of MEDUSA sheet to DXF

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conversion of MEDUSA sheet to DXF

Post by medsys » Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:54 am

Hi !
I have a huge problem converting a certain medusa file to DXF :-[

the medusa sheet contains more then 140,000 ID's of text,lines,prims, clumps. its a geographic map.

the problem is: after I used medusa convertor to dxf, and then imported it to autocad I saw that some of the elements were missing! .

to eliminate the possibility that may be it's the autocad that cause this, i converted to dxf then imported back to medusa straight away - the problem exists.

and the thing is , when i tried to reduce the elements inside the drawing (delete them) and then to leave a small amount of elements including the elements that were missing - and then made a conversion - well those elements appeared in autocad and after i imported back to medusa as well.

in another words it looks like medusa can't convert complicated and big files to dxf for some reason..
or can't convert elements with high ID.. unless there is another problem that i can't see right now.

its very hard to understand what's the source of this problem.

my Q is : does the problem sounds familiar?
anyone knows of any solution?

medusa version is 2000i2
platform : unix.


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