M4 Startup script and icon launcher on Linux

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M4 Startup script and icon launcher on Linux

Post by terje » Wed May 25, 2005 9:43 pm

I thought this "mini-howto" could be of interest also for other users testing the current somewhat raw M4 R2 Beta3 on Linux.

The basic command line M4 startup procedure can be repedly cumbersome as one each time needs to:
* open a terminal window
* change directory to M4's master_project
* change shell from bash csh to source the login file
* enter the medusa command

1. startmedusa shellscipt:

Therefore I wished to create a simple M4 startup script on Linux, correspondingly to the available "startupmedusa.bat" on Windows. I'm absolutely no script expert, in fact this is one of my first selfmade, and I will be thankful to get comments to make it better or more streamlined. My purpose was mostly to get something to work and here is what I did for my current installation:

# cd /opt/medusa4/master_project
Use the preferred editor, I used "vi" this time:
# vi startmedusa
and typed in and saved the following text content:

# startmedusa
source /opt/medusa4/master_project/login

To give users and the shell script execute permission:
# chmod 755 ./startmedusa
# chgrp users ./startmedusa

The first test is to run this script as a normal user in a terminal
~> /opt/medusa4/master_project/login/startmedusa
and M4 should start up displaying the splashscreen first

2. Icon launcher on KDE3 desktop and panel:

I'm not sure this link is the most correct way to create desktop launchers in KDE, but it works for me so far:

Opened my home desktop folder adress in Konqueror:
Right clicked on the opened window background and selected from the popup menu:
Create new > Link to program
In the opened Property widget under General tab I entered "Medusa4" in the text field
Clicked on the default gear icon and selected "Other icons" and (somewhat tricky):
search path: /opt/medusa4/med2d/ui/icons/
the M4 icon name: default.gif
Selected on the Program tab and entered (or browsed to) the command

OK to save the nice M4 launcher icon on the destop
Test the M4 GUI launcher by clicking on it and M4 should start as above.

It is also possible to "drag" a copy of this desktop launcher to the bottom panel to start M4 from there.

3. Icon launcher on Gnome2/JDS3 desktop and panel:

Right-click on the desktop and select "Create launcher" from menu and enter in the following widget General tab:
Name: Medusa4
Browse to or enter
Command: /opt/medusa4/master_project/startmedusa
Icon, browse to: /opt/medusa4/med2d/ui/icons/default.gif

To create a corresponding panel icon launcher:
Right-click on the bottom panel and select
Add to Panel>Launcher
and type or browse to the Name, Command or Icon as above

Terje J. Hanssen

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