M4 R2 Beta3 on Linux Installation report

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M4 R2 Beta3 on Linux Installation report

Post by terje » Wed May 25, 2005 8:16 pm

I have managed to install and startup M4 R2 Beta3 on two Linux distros on my x86/32bit AMD PC, which is installed as a multiboot configuration with:
* SuSE Linux Professional 9.3
* Sun Java Desktop System R3 beta (JDS3/Gnome based on SLES9)
* Windows 2000 professional

The M4 R3 Beta3 installation and setup on Linux is currently a somewhat cumbersome working process, without a ready installer or installation procedures/guides available on beforehand. Hopefully sharing this experiences also can be useful and save some time for other, external testers of M4 R3 beta3 on Linux.

This preliminar installation report documents the current state and process regarding:
* my installation procedures
* the issues I encountered
* the work-around solutions I got from Cad-schroer development (CSA) at this early stage of the product

1. M4 product and temp directory, users access and group, software extraction:

# mkdir /opt/medusa4 /medtemp
# chmod 775 /opt/medusa4 /medtemp
# chgrp users /opt/medusa4 /medtemp

I downloaded and saved the files m4_medusa_beta.lic and medusa4_200_beta3_linux.tar.gz into /opt/medusa4 and next extracted the gzipped tarball file

# cd /opt/medusa4
# tar zxvf medusa4_200_beta3_linux.tar.gz

Indeed this created an unecessary sub-directory level "linux" that I didn't wish, and therefore copied all its content one level up before I deleted it:

# cp -r ./linux/* ..
# rmdir ./linux

Another as easy way to do this may be to save and extract the tarball in /tmp and move the whole directory three to /opt, without creating the folder medusa4 first:

# mv /tmp/linux /opt/medusa4

2. License keyfile:

Added the content of the downloaded beta keyfile to the proper file and location (alternatively copy&paste using an editor can be used):

# cat m4_medusa_beta.lic >> /opt/medusa4/medsys/med/license/csglmd.lic

3. Adding Fortran77 library and gcc-g77 rpm package:

This is now posted as a separate topic using this header.

4. Manual installation without medinstall:

The second problem was encountered re-trying next to run "medinstall" to install and configure the master_project. This didn't work and the following error message was reported:

"The medsys product is not loaded or can't be found at the directory
currently listed in the product information.
Sorry, but a master project cannot be created without the existence
of product medsys."

With this version and without the Installer the medinstall does not work correctly. There are some steps typically done by the Installer which are missing. So the way I decribe is the safest way with such a "raw" product. Better to do the installation manually, not with medinstall.

Run install and login in medsys:

# cd /opt/medusa4/medsys
# ./install
type in the requested path: /opt/medusa4/medsys

# /bin/csh -f
% source ./login

Create user project directory, save "product_list.dat" and configure the project:

% mkdir /opt/medusa4/master_project

save the attached "product_list.dat" into that directory
(contains the products we want to release)

% cd /opt/medusa4/master_project
% medconfig $cwd -admin
-- follow the known steps


5. Starting Medusa4:

This can be automated and made more easy creating a
"M4 Startup script and icon launcher on Linux"
as posted in

Change first from bash to csh (if not already) to source login in master_project:

> /bin/csh -f
% cd /opt/medusa4/master_project
% source login
% medusa

I was happy to notice that Medusa4's splash screen and GUI environment started up apparantly OK on both Suse Linux Professiona 9.3 and on Sun Java Desktop System R3 (JDS3/Linux beta).

Terje J. Hanssen

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