Wishes for the M4 forum(s)

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Wishes for the M4 forum(s)

Post by terje » Wed May 25, 2005 5:45 pm

Hello everyone,

As this is my first post on any Medusa forum here, I will start out to bring all my best wishes for M4 progress and that Cad-Schroer should succeed with this epoch-making project for Medusa. After several years with stagnation since the classic Medusa's days of glory, we have together without doubts many stones to turn around, to re-create Medusa's popularity and appeal; a position she earns to achieve again!

Although I myself have 15 years of experience with CM7-MC12+Cascade Builder Construction on Sparc/Solaris and a little additional M2000i2 on NT/Win2k, I'm quite new on M4. And Medusa on Linux is what I have asked for, waited for and looked forward to at least the last couple of years. During this time I have tested and used some Linux distros, mostly Suse based. So now, when M4 R2 Beta3 at last has become a reality on Linux, this is a new epoch that interested CAD users on Linux have a good reason to celebrate :)

My wishes for this "M4 on Linux" forum especially, and for other M4 forums as well, are growing user post activity with support from the Cad-Schroer M4 team! In real Linux spirit, let us have an open and fruitful discussion and cooperation. No topic is too small, none too large to be posted! With M4 on desktop Linux (KDE/Gnome etc) the time has come to discuss GUI methods and procedures in parallel with command line methods and configuration files, to see and understand what really happends behind the scene. By this way we can really utilize the flexibility and power of this great, common platform.

Good luck!
Terje J. Hanssen

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Wishes for the M4 forum(s)

Post by mutrax » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:25 pm


same here I'm back on medusa since '98 , where i used it on a digital workstation wit a probing pad + mouse (at a german firm in Belgium). noticing CAD-schroer releasing the linux version for personal use made me immediatly install this thingie for the usual home-garden & kitchen work. looks better than ever though I'm still a bit rusty on the subject. From now on I'll be reccomending Medusa back to all my colleaugues, who are looking for a good piece of drafting software(instead of usual cr#ppy & bloated you know what)!

Just one little question, where can I find some quick starters for drafting, configuring printer etc...?

Does anyone know if CAD-schroer will stay commited of re-releasing licenses for personal use?


PS.: on the job, I'm a pro/e user these days. 8)

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