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Running Bacis1 parametric programs in NG

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2002 5:05 am
by steveb
Hello all,
One of my customers is testing NG, so I have done a "quick & dirty" conversion of their tablet menus to run in NG, using a lot of bacis1_action_button calls to switch to Bacis1, run the macro or program and return to NG.
Seems to work reasonably well, but when running parloa programs, they often (but not always) get error messages such as:
"Attempt to set invalid selection (1) for object prim_new_type"

followed by " api error, Illegal context for element" when switching back to NG.

This error repeats regardles of what action or tool you choose in NG afterwards.

If I go back into Bacis1 & do a sta, then back to NG, no problem.

If I run the program without the automatic switch back to NG. and afterwards type bacis or quit to go back to NG, no problem

If I activate a parametric license before running the parloa program, no problem. This is rather impractical thoug since the customer has 50 usrs & 2 parametric construction licenses.

To switch back to NG, I am using a similar method to that describes in the documentation, i.e

.activate:"let b1mac$ ='/medwork/macro3/loa.exchhead' mxe search 'm2d/macro/b1-b2.prg' as b2mac$ @n run (b2mac$)" ,

where b1-b2.prg looks like this:

let errb1 = ( erbel$ ; erpau$ ; ermes$ )
let b3mac$ = (b1mac$)
run @Vb3mac$
delm b1mac$ delm b2mac$
write "Returning control to user interface..."

Any ideas anybody?