medusa application doesn't start -> breaking down

Everything concerning the personal license
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medusa application doesn't start -> breaking down

Post by andreas.wagner2 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:30 pm

hey guys,

I just got the medusa4 personal license (and the installations files of course) from
but now - there's trouble.
Download and installation went fine, also the license key stuff with that MAC bound license.

Then, when starting, strange thing is happening:
at first there ist a dos windos popping up (guess thats normal) and a few milliseconds later comes the main starting screen of medusa up. (you know the white screen with a whole bunch of advertisement for medusa products at the bottom)
In the left upper corner you can read about the loading progress of medusa: first it says:
loading interface

creating UI

final and (for me) very last report:
initialising application

there is the bug: medusa doesn't continue to start up but simply stops working, closes all screens and falls back to windows desktop - just if as nothing has happend a few seconds ago.
no error report, no license error, nothing...

So I'm asking for your help to solve this problem!
would be very glad for help!

note: I've already tried everything from the FAQ's, please don't come up to me with this stuff

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medusa application doesn't start -> breaking down

Post by sschachow » Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:29 pm

Do you installed Medusa Personal an Windows or Linux and on which version?
MEDUSA4 Version? Windows/Linux Version? Graphic Card?

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medusa application doesn't start -> breaking down

Post by pase » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:42 am

I´ve already asked this in another thread ( Do you have a fully updated windows xp?

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